March 21, 2013

Last sunday a little moth fluttered from her tiny coffin. She tried to find the sun in the dark but she missed it once. Now her body is sleeping aware of her condition. And I will give her the opportunity to live forever.
We are the same, we are both dead.

March 13, 2013

My lad brought me a bunch of daffodils today.
I am waiting for the spring to come. 

March 10, 2013


Some photos from the new series I am taking. I recently printed in the darkroom the first one applying a soft flou effect.

March 8, 2013


 I remember : there was the sun and there was the smell of roses everywhere. So I decided to collect some flowers for my Dearest. Our day suddenly tasted of spring and life, and all the pictures on the wall agreed with our feeling. We opened the curtain and we let in some sky.